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^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ YEAH.

If you think that rape culture doesn’t exist in New Zealand then you’re living in a fucking dream land.


Everyone should read this. An essay written by Tania Billingsley, the woman at the centre of the sexual assault in Brooklyn, Wellington, by a Malaysian diplomat that was ignored by the government for SEVEN WEEKS. “It only became a matter of importance that was properly addressed when it started to inconvenience those in power.” 
This is rape culture. This is unacceptable. Our government does not care about women.


News story here:



baeddel being turned into a thing only ‘bad trans women’ are is kinda hilariously gross

it’s pretty fucked up that people are trying to do this, but it also reflects the fact that we are not here to be nice to our oppressors and that they obviously feel quite insecure about that


I love trans dykes soooooooooo much


Unnecessarily appending post about men to specific “cis men*” is another way of saying “not all men.”


transmisogyny is still misogyny, if you behave in a transmisogynist manner you are a misogynist and you hate women, you are not in a separate, less severe class of misogyny.


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ive said it before and ill say it again

ppl trying to take baeddel from trans women and choosing only the possible definition of “effeminate man” from the list of definitions is a p fucking thinly veiled attempt at degendering seeing as the word was brought back by a trans lesbian and is…

it’s the same pattern we’ve seen over and over again - trans women create or reclaim something for ourselves, and the cis and/or afab response is to try to generalise it, then take it from us, then claim that it was never ours (and mysteriously cease to show any further interest in it once they’ve denied it to us)

i get the sense that this approach isn’t working out terribly well for them (for once), so they’re going with their standard backup plan i.e. trying to destroy anything that they can’t take from us, or at least render it so undesirable that holding on to it causes us more harm


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